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Whatever your challenges, Starva is always here to provide you with "long-term, high-trust" software development services.

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A World Class Software Development Company

Starva (PT. Starva Digital Teknologi), a company that provides a digital solution to your company. We provide you with software development services by our team which are adapt with all the latest technologies.

Our Values

Why Choose Us?

Deep Understand

As an owner, understanding and using the software to its fullest potential is the key to a successful technical solution.

Full Skilled Team

With a team of specialists and experts dedicated to the cause when it comes to building websites or mobile apps from scratch, the team has the experience and skills to do any job quickly and efficiently.

Time to market

Our team works fast and precisely to scale up and offer you the best and fastest solution possible.


We provide various services to meet your demands.

Mobile App Development Service

Website Development Service

Desktop App Development Services

Backend Development Services

DevOps CI/CD Services

App UI/UX Design Services

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